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Are you stuck finding the perfect video animation app? 

As a student, employee, or a social media promoter, video animations are a necessity right now because dynamic and expressive videos enhance quality and engagement. 

Just imagine watching a 30-minutes video with nothing but words presented on the screen. The majority won’t even watch half of that video because it can be dull and boring. But with animation, you’ll keep the audience hooked to the end.

So, you understand the importance of animations and good editing but the problem now lays with what software should you use?

Well, worry no more because Viddyoze and Doodleoze can rescue! 



 Viddyoze Software

Viddyoze is a100% cloud-based fully auto video animation software meaning you do not have to download or install anything; you can access the tool anywhere.

The software has 170+ professional ready-made templates to choose from. And after selecting a suitable template, you’ll only have to add a little color, text, and images/ videos change of your preference and you’re good to go! 

Some of the other noticeable features include groundbreaking live-action animations, stunning social actions, seamless transitions, studio-grade intros and logo stings, and movie filters.


Why Viddyoze?

Live-action animations; you can input your logo to the video template and Viddyoze will provide you with a professionally shot video. The animated video can have your logo place on a t-shirt that you’re modeling or a model of wall art you’re designing.

This is perfect for social media promotions and advertising. 

Next, we have the social actions feature where add a template at the end of the video requesting your viewers to like and subscribe or follow you in other social media! 

It has seamless transitions such that you won’t have to worry about your scene-cut.

It can be awkward to try using transitions that don’t compliment your video. But with Viddyoze, your transitions from one scene to another will be smooth and professionally done! 

The studio-quality intros provide you ready-made intro templates with logo stings that you can easily replace with your logo. Also, the movie filter feature allows you to create a movie-like effect in your video by using a huge range of effects and filters. 

Note that the features mentioned are only scratching only the surface of what Viddyoze can offer; the software can offer you so much more! 

Here is how easy it is to use with only 3 clicks. Yes, you read that right, 3 clicks! 

The first step is to choose the category of animation you want to use from a large library of studio-quality designs. The second step is to edit your videos from each frame and the sequence you want it to play. Finally, download your final video!

If you’re still not convinced, here are some of the customer feedbacks:

Charles Davis: “I use it for creating video marketing ads for clients and videos for websites. Viddyoze is a major component of everything I do. Creating brand videos for any social media channel.”

Tony Thunberg: “I was one of the lucky ones that got an opportunity to be a Viddyoze trial user. I left my review straight from my heart of the software just before it was released. And I’m as stunned today as I was after watching my first render. So basically I’m here to stay forever and beyond.”



Doodleoze Software

Doodleooze software is a new and revolutionary doodle video creator with over 245 text animations and a variety of effects and hand animation. 

The software is perfect for creating tutorials, presentations, or reports. It displays a highly creative and eye-catching way to attract your viewer’s attention. 

Imagine, as a student, watching or learning online with a presentation or video that’s only full of words. That would be boring and not engaging, doodle videos aim to spark or increase engagement of the viewers, generate leads, and boost sales. 

Why Doodleoze?

The Doodleoze allows you to create unlimited doodle videos without any restrictions! You have over 300 fonts selection and 500 professional doodle sketch images to choose from which are guaranteed to keep your video interesting and fun to watch. 

As stated earlier, it also has 245 text animations like letter-by-letter, kinetic text in and out to help you find the one you need for your project. 

Its features also equip you to draw animations on a blackboard, whiteboard, green board, paperboard, and even glass board and you can also choose from the large variety of drawing hands they offer or import your hand for the animation. 

The Doodleoze contains a lot of other creative and innovative features but the bottom line is provided you imagine a doodle video in your head, you can turn it into a reality with Doodleoze! 

You can create an amazing video using this software in just minutes, that’s how easy it is to use! 

Step by step guide

Here’s a more elaborate way to create a doodle video from Doodleoze:

Step 1:Go to the Doodleoze platform and add texts, doodles, videos, animations, and audio to your first frame.


Step 2:Edit the frames to suit your options 


Step 3: Download your final output! 


The best part is due to the included commercial license, you can generate and create as many videos as you want and you sell them keeping 100% of the profits!

What others are saying

Luke Lee: “This is incredible”

James R. Henry: “ Incredible! This Doodle program looks like it’s unlike other in that the hand & movements are smooth & the transitions are amazing. Great app to add to any video production toolbox.”

Viddyoze Vs. Doodleoze

Viddyoze and Doodleoze present a large variety of features that will help you create the perfect video for commercial or personal use. 

They are both easy to use with features or commands that you can easily locate in each software platform. A user won’t need any special and rigorous training or seminars to learn about it, they can just jump right at it. 

Also, each software presents demos and tutorials for users to never get lost while using Viddyoze and Doodleoze. 

Although both are of great quality video creators, Viddyoze is perfect for creating advertising content and Doodleoze is perfect for explainer videos. 

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