Speechelo, TTS Software

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Speechelo, TTS Software

Video makers all over the world have had voice-over issues at one time or another. Whether it is the expense of hiring a professional for a video voice-over or a deadline, the world of text-to-speech technology has come to solve these issues. 


Speechelo is text-to-speech software that has revolutionized video making. This software has made it extremely easy for many video-makers worldwide to complete their voice-over videos in a fraction of the time that it took years ago. 

Why use Speechelo?

For many instances, voice-to-text software is a great solution. A voice-over can make all the difference in making great videos. Here are some of the main reasons Speechelo is a great tool to use:


  1. Many video makers do not feel comfortable recording their own voices or have someone that can do it for them. Also, relying on hiring somebody to do a voice-over can get tedious and expensive, as well as long time-wise. 
  2. In education instances, some students have not reached the education level of being able to read. Making an educational video to transmit information for the young ones is a great way for them to learn in a fun and engaging way. 
  3. Another side of education is for those learning a new language. In these cases, the voice-over needs to be high quality, and very clear in order to transmit the correct way of pronouncing words and accents. 
  4. Varying languages of videos can lead to a huge impact on viewers and followers. Because with Speechelo you can choose up to 23 languages other than English, you can share your voice-over videos to the entire world and increase your likes and followers. 
  5. An older population includes many people that can no longer see the fine print. Transmitting information to them with voice-over technology is an easy way to engage this population. 
  6. Technology usage has skyrocketed and become a huge part of our lives. Because most data that is being accessed are videos, through the use of smartphones and tablets, voice-overs have become a wonderful way to boost the number of videos shared by many video makers. 
  7. The entertainment value in videos is huge, with millions of videos being accessed per minute globally. Making a larger number of videos in a fraction of the time is essential in growing your viewers. 
  8. Speechelo offers a variety of voices that offer your video voice-overs a friendly and comfortable tone. 
  9. The price of this program is very cost-efficient, with a one-time payment of $100 or under (with a special offer) you have the capacity to make thousands of voice-overs. 

Speechelo features

Aside from being in the niche of cutting edge technology, Speechelo has a ton of features. Here are the  best features it offers:

  • The capacity to turn any text into vocalized speech.
  • There are a variety of voices you can choose from including different male, female, and children’s voices. There are over fifty different voices to choose from. 
  • Speechelo is among the few text-to-speech programs that add voice inflections, meaning if there is a change in tone or a rise or fall in the voice necessary for the script, this can easily be done.
  • You can choose up to twenty-three different languages other than English, some of these include: Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Welsh.
  • Speechelo has 3 different voice tones for your voice overs. These include normal, joyful, and serious. This allows you to make your videos just the way you want them to sound, staying true to the genre.
  • Speechelo is great for making tutorial videos, presentations, movie trailers, and children’s entertainment videos. 
  • This software is compatible with various video creation programs such as Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Audacity, and other such similar video programs. 
  • Speechelo is cloud-based, which means you do not have to use any space in your devices to install anything. You can access it from any smart device, saving you more time and energy.
  • There is a pro version that gives you more than twice the options from the regular paid version. 

How to use Speechelo

Speechelo thrives on their ease of use. With three simple steps, your voiceover will be ready in minutes. Follow these steps to get your voice-over file:

  1. Have your text ready (and edited) to copy and paste.
  2. Choose the voice and language you would like to use. 
  3. Click on the “Generate” button. 

In a matter of minutes (sometimes even seconds) your voice-over file is ready for you to use in your video creations!


Speechelo reviews

Among newbies and avid video makers, Speecehlo reviews do not disappoint. Most users are happy with the services they are being rendered for the low cost. Many enjoy the ease of use and the speed in which they can obtain their voice-over files, allowing them to advance with their videos and make more in less time. 

Other reviewers enjoy the flexibility that they have in the choices for voices and languages. This makes it easy for them to be able to spread their videos on a global market, gaining them hundreds of views, likes, shares, and followers. 

One of the most popular items on reviews is that they enjoy having their finished product without having to record their own voices or hiring someone to do so and having a voice-over that sounds completely natural and human-like. 

Another side of reviewers enjoys being able to share their creations worldwide, something that had been difficult to do without this software. 

In conclusion

When it comes to a high-quality product that will enhance your video voice-overs, Speecehlo is a great product. It is fast, effective, and cost-efficient. The amount of time you will save using this product will boost your efficiency and output exponentially. Take this opportunity to boost your video creations and spread your tutorials, presentations, stories, and all the like worldwide with confidence. Gain higher followings and get yourself know for your high-quality products!


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