Script Vocalizer Review and how to use it

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Script Vocalizer Review and how to use it


Videos get more attention and engagement when presented on a high-quality voice. 

In general, videos with images, colors, sounds, and voices are more effective than videos without voice and sound. The reason is that many people prefer to listen to voice rather than reading text on the videos. 

However, creating a lifelike voice for your video is very hard and it costs a lot of money. 

But, there is an awesome that makes things even simpler. The tool is Script Vocalizer- a text to speech software that directly exploits Amazon Polly’s raw power to generate real voices for your videos.

Follow this Script Vocalizer review to know more about this tremendous tool. 



Why You Use It 

Script Vocalizer is a great tool for you if you are a content creator, marketer, and entrepreneur or businessman. It has some great features you always need to grow your business. This is going to satisfy you as it has done to me.

Script Vocalizer is an open fare voice-over software that allows you to use your voice-over in any recording applications. You can save your voice over into your Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3 and also download it to your PC. This software is a cloud-based software. So, you do not need to install it on your computer rather you can use it anywhere, at any time. 

You can use this software on both Mac and PC. It is designed so simply that you can use this software without having any technical knowledge and prior experience even as a novice.  

The software allows you to update it without any cost. Moreover, this software includes commercial licenses thus you can make voice-over for yourself and also for your clients and earn money as much as possible without sharing revenue with anyone else. 

Script Over comes with a reasonable price. Besides, you can also choose OTO 1: Script Vocalizer Agency and OTO 2: Vidently whichever suits best for you. 

Usually, the voice-over in videos costs a lot of money ranging from $50-$1000. So, it can save hundreds to thousands of dollars for you and also save you time.


How Script Vocalizer Work 

This software uses Amazon Polly to voice-over your scripts in about 47 voices and 24 languages. You’ll be able to achieve real-like voices in just three steps; 

Step 1:

Select a language and a voice you want to use on your voice-over. There are about 24 languages available to you. You can also select a voice from 47 voices that are offered on the platform. 


Step 2:

After selecting your desire language and voice, the next task is to paste the text you want to create voice-over.


Step 3:

After adding text, all you need to press the “Create” button. 

By following those three steps, you can create great voices in seconds for your business. Moreover, with the commercial license, you can also use and even sell voices for clients and keep 100% profits.    


Features of Script Vocalizer 

  • Generate Full Featured Voice-overs From Any Text: Script Vocalizer is a groundbreaking app that generates full-featured voice-over from any text. You can save thousands of dollars and time simply creating your voice-overs by pasting your text into Script Vocalizers.  
  • It uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesize speech that sounds like human voices: it is the world’s first text-to-speech software that has direct, raw access to Amazon Polly. Amazon Polly is the modern text-to-speech technology that uses advanced deep learning to synthesize texts that sound like real human voices. However, without having an authorized application, you cannot be accessed to it. As Script Vocalizer has direct, raw access to Amazon Polly’s restricted API7, you can solve all your problems by using Script Vocalizer. 
  • Export Voice to Use in Any Video Applications: Script Vocalizer is an open voice export platform, thus you can export your voices for use in any video application. You can save your created voice-over in into Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3, and also can download voices directly on your PC. You can create high-quality voice-over for sales letters, explanation videos, video ads, affiliate video reviews, and any other videos. 
  • Cloud-based Tool: As this is a cloud-based tool, you do not need to download and install it on your computer. Rather you can use it from anywhere, at any time.  
  • Includes Full License: It included the commercial license for you. So, you can create voice-over both for you and your clients. Even, you can sell your created voice-overs directly and keeps 100% of the profits. So, you can start earning money by selling voice-overs to your clients or be a freelancer in a popular marketplace like Fiverr.
  • Wide Range of Languages: In Script Vocalizer, 24 different languages available for you so you can have maximum impact in major countries. Along with this, you can choose a voice from 47 male and female life-like voices. 


You can start to earn moneymaking voice-overs in a few seconds using ScriptVocalizer.  You can opt to use the amazing tool to promote your own YouTube business or become a freelancer and start selling them on a popular marketplace. So, let’s start using Script Vocalizer and start earning money online from home.  

Lastly, a very big to you for reading this Script Vocalizer Review. I hope you got all the details you need to guide your decision. I Hope, you will succeed with Script Vocalizer.

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