7 Ways on How to Make Money Through YouTube Thumbnails 

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7 Ways on How to Make Money Through YouTube Thumbnails 

Are you searching for a course on how to make money from home as a teenager? Or, are you looking for how to make money from the home computer? Consider making and selling YouTube thumbnails. 


What is YouTube thumbnail? 

YouTube thumbnails are small clickable images a viewer can click before watching a video. Thumbnails are like the cover of a book. An eye-catching and exciting thumbnail is essential for YouTube SEO, and it also increases the number of your viewers.  

This is the first thing a person sees of any YouTube videos and chooses whether the video can be the thing they are looking for. Moreover, an eye-catching thumbnail increases the interest to watch and thus helps content creators earn more money. 

There are numerous ways to earn money by making YouTube thumbnails. Some of the methods are listed below: 


  1. Personal Websites 

You can start selling your thumbnails from your websites. To achieve this, build a website that displays your skills and products and then promote it to prospective buyers.  

This can be done through SEO. Once you started to get traffic on your site, then you can start selling too. You may charge $5 to $15 per thumbnail, depending on the client’s requirements. You can also offer a package-based thumbnail service of sale and earn a lot of money.  


  1. Peopleperhour 


Peopleperhour (Peopleperhour.com) is a private freelance marketplace based in London, UK. Thousands of buyers and sellers of different services are available on this site. So, if you can make thumbnails, then you should create an account on PeoplePerHour and describe the service you provide. 

When buyers see your profile and think you can do his a given thumbnail project, they will hire you. This provides a simple way to earn money at home  


  1. Upwork 

Upwork is another online freelance marketplace based in Santa Clara, California, USA but serving worldwide. This was formerly known as Elance-Odesk. It has more than twelve million registered freelancers and over five million registered clients. So, this can be a great place to sell your YouTube thumbnails. 

 Like other freelance marketplaces, you have to create an account on Upwork describing your personal and professional details. You can then search for potential buyers or jobs and then bid on various projects. Then the buyers can hire you if they think you may do their job. After being hired, you have to complete the job within a set time, and then the buyer will pay for your services. 


  1. Freelancer 

Freelancer is an Australian based freelance marketplace allowing potential employers to post jobs and that freelancers can bid. 

 This marketplace is in operation all over the world since 2009. You can work on this site in two ways: bidding the project or taking part in the contest. In bidding projects, you have to bid for specific tasks, and if the employer gets you competent enough for the projects, he will hire you. You can also participate in a competition where you get prize money if you win the contest.  


  1. 5. Dribble 


Dribble.com is the perfect marketplace for design jobs. As you want to earn money by making YouTube thumbnails, this can be the best option. 

 It has a job board where you can browse job by keyword and find the desired position. Moreover, you can find jobs based on location, time requirement (full time or part-time), and you can do a job even as a remote worker. So, you should make a profile on Dribble and use it to get various YouTube thumbnail creation jobs and earn money from home.     

  1. Guru 

Guru is a freelance marketplace that allows companies to find freelance workers for various projects. Like other online marketplaces, Guru also enables the employer to post their project details and freelancers to bid on the projects. 

 However, you have to create a free account as a freelancer and then describes the services you offer, design your portfolios, and include all other information that makes your profile more attractive to the employers. It would help if you created your profile and portfolios in a keyword-rich way to increase the chances of getting hired.  


  1. We Work Remotely 

You always have many alternatives to finding a job. We work remotely (weworkremotely.com) is another solution for you to find your desired position. It offers thousands of programming, design, copywriting, marketing, sales, and other jobs. You can apply through their newsletter by marking the YouTube thumbnail alternative. They will deliver your new job straight to your inbox. You can also browse for getting your job. You can even work for full-time or contract opportunities. Make a profile on this site and start earning money from making YouTube thumbnails. 


Making Money Online Through Fiverr 


Are you looking for ways to make money on Fiverr?  

If you can make YouTube thumbnails, then Fiverr is a suitable option for you. Fiverr is an online marketplace where many thumbnail buyers are looking for sellers. The market for making YouTube thumbnails is increasing day-by-day with the popularity of YouTube. You can start selling your thumbnails on Fiverr without any investment. All you have to create a free account on Fiverr and make an exciting gig so that your buyers can easily find you.  

You should include different keywords related to making YouTube thumbnails such as YouTube thumbnails, create YouTube thumbnails, custom YouTube thumbnails in your profile and portfolio to get more impression on Fiverr. It enhances your possibility of getting hired by the employer.  

You can design your gig-based on different packages that you provide for the customers, such as charge $5 for a single thumbnail or $20 for making a package of five thumbnails.  

However, pricing depends on you. You can even make YouTube thumbnails only using different software like Thumbnailblaster, even without any technical knowledge.  

A Tool You Must Have: Use Thumbnailblaster 

Thumbnaillblaster is the world’s only A.I-enabled thumbnail creation tool. One can create thumbnails for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other video platform by following three simple steps.  

The software is easy to use. So, you don’t need any designing skills to make thumbnails. It comes with about 30 in-built templates you can use to create thumbnails that can work any niche.  

First, select a template or let AI choose a template for you depending on your niches such as gaming, travel, weight loss, vlogs, reviews, music, and so on.  

You can manually customize the template like adding texts, images, etc. by drag and drop. Then you publish the thumbnails on your YouTube videos or download it to your computer so that you can use it however and wherever you want.  

Making thumbnails is a creative art with an increasing demand day by day. It can set a channel for you to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars in a month.


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