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If you have a pleasant voice, you can start earning money doing voice over jobs.  

YouTube videos are a great source of voiceover jobs. Voice over in a YouTube video makes it more understandable and exciting to its viewers.  

While you can do voiceover by recording your voice, there is various text to voice software available to help you convert texts to speech.  

In this guide, you’ll learn of six ways to earn income by doing the voiceover and the top tools you’ll need. 


How to Make Money Doing Voice Over  

Doing voiceover is an excellent answer for those wondering how to make money from home for teens. No experience needed 

There are multiple ways for you to earn money from home through voice over jobs. A freelance voice artist can earn $10 to $100 or even more in an hour by doing this job. Some of the available options are listed below for you to earn money from home using your computer.  

  1. Voices.com 

Voices.com is one of the largest online hiring companies for talented actors, producers, and voice over artists. It allows you to get access to numerous voice-over jobs.  

You can be a member for free, but if you purchase a premium membership from voices.com, you can find more voice over projects. 


  1. Filmless

Filmless is a San Francisco based global full-service video production company providing the fastest, easiest way to make videos for clients.  

It hires freelance voiceover artists from all over the world. The company generally prepares you to have your studio, but it is not mandatory.  


  1. Voice Bunny 

Voice Bunny is an online platform that hires voice artists for different projects like TV advertisement narrations, animation voiceovers, or even as a leading voice artist for a documentary film.  

Voice Bunny can be a fantastic platform for those looking for ways on how on the computer on the computer as it allows you to set your rates. You’ll set the amount that suits the effort you input.


  1. YouTube Voice Artists 

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform. Every day, thousands of videos are being uploaded on YouTube. Voice over is an essential feature for videos as it makes it more engaging, attractive, and understandable to the viewers. Many YouTube content creators hire voiceover artists to voice their projects and be paid handsome money for this. 


  1. Upwork 

Upwork is a freelance bidding site with a large number of employers searching for voiceover artists. It would help if you created an incredible profile on Upwork so that your potential employers can hire you. 

But it always needs some time to get hired, especially if you are a novice. Moreover, there are some fake employers too. Try to avoid fake employers.  



The best way – How to Tap the Power of Fiverr 


If you are looking for an answer on how to make money on Fiverr without skills, then doing voiceover is perfect for you. You can do a successful business without leaving your home. 

With the increasing popularity of audiobooks and podcasts, you can make a career in voiceover. You can sign up as a Fiverr seller and list your voice over services over there. You can be paid once you are getting hired by any employee.  

In Fiverr, you can list your services from $5 and charge much more than that in terms of the requirements and the quality of your services.  

So, Fiverr is the most appropriate option for you if you are a complete beginner.  

To start your voice artist career at Fiverr, you need other tools like a computer with a faster internet connection, studio-quality headphones, and audio software like Speechelo to record, save, and edit your audio. It is advised that you carefully read the job description and apply it if you think you can meet all the requirements and stated time.  


Top Tools That Will Assist You Do Voice Overs 


  • Speechelo 

If you do not want to put your face or voice in front of viewers, Speechelo is the right solution for you. 

It is the first-ever real human voice software for the videos, scripts, podcasts, and more.  

It is text-to-speech software that converts text into 100% real human sounding with just three clicks. Moreover, this is cloud-based software.so, you don’t need to install anything on your computer, and you can use it from anywhere, at any time.  

All you need is to paste the text, and then Specchelo’s AI will check and re-correct it to make the speech sound natural. Then you can choose a voice for your speech. There are 30 voices available with the basic package and 60 voices available in the premium package. 

Additionally, you can choose different accents to the speech. After that, download it to your computer as an MP3 file format and use it wherever you want. 


  • GetScriptVocalizer 

GetScriptVocalizer is a text to speech software with more than 47 real voices available in 24 languages.  

It allows you to voice over your scripts without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars. This software is cloud-based, so you don’t need to install anything, and you can use it on both PC and Mac.  

You can use it even if you don’t have any technical skills or prior experience. GetScriptVocalizer software allows you to create an unlimited number of voiceovers and free updates for a lifetime. Moreover, you can include the commercial license in your speech through this software.  


  • Newscastervocalizer 

Newscastervocalizer is another software that generates realistic human-like voice overs. It recently included the latest Amazon Polly Newscaster service, which many top media companies like USA Today are already being used.  

With Newscastervocalizer, you can make a real-like voice and create newscaster or other types of videos. It is an open export voiceover platform to export and use voiceovers in any video app. It offers you a wide range of male and female voices. A commercial license is also included so you can sell vice over generated through Newscastervocalizer and keep all the profits.   


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