5 Ways to Earn from You Tube and Top Tools You’ll Need

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5 Ways to Earn from YouTube and Top Tools You’ll Need


Are you looking for ways on how to make money with a computer

If this is the case, then the solution is YouTube. 

YouTube brings you an amazing opportunity to earn money. 

With captivating content on your channel, you can earn a passive or even long-term income. What makes it even better is that anyone can be successful. Even youngsters pondering on ideal ways on how to earn money as a teenager. 

The good thing is, it’s actually very simple to earn money from YouTube. But first, you must put some extra effort for your YouTube content to earn traction. 

In this guide, you’re going to learn how to earn money from YouTube. Later, you’ll learn of six tools that bestselling YouTubers use.


How to earn money from YouTube.


  1. YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube partner program provides you the opportunity to monetize your videos through Google AdSense. You must have 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers in a year to get access to this program. 

YouTube pay you 55% of their revenue from advertising shows in your videos. Your videos will monetize in three ways: pre-roll, display, and other formats. What’s more, you’ll get paid based on clicks and impressions. 


  1. YouTube Premium.

You can generate a secondary revenue stream along with the YouTube partner program by becoming a member of YouTube Premium. 

YouTube membership is a paid ad-free service. And YouTube can give you a portion of what subscribers pay, depending on how they consume your content.  


  1. Link Affiliation.

You can earn money by affiliate product links on your video’s description.

You will put the link in the video description and if someone buys the products using your link, you will be awarded a commission from the price. 

Usually, it takes time to generate traffic as a beginner but once you have a steady viewership, earning as affiliate marketing becomes even easier. 


  1. Brand Sponsorship

You can make a huge amount of money by sponsoring a brand through your videos. For brand sponsorship, you must have a large fan base. 

Once you sponsor a brand, your fan purchases products from this brand and the brand will pay you. It is mutually beneficial for you, the sponsoring brand, and also for your viewers.     



  1. YouTube Super Chat

YouTube Super Chat is a fund-raising initiative introduced by YouTube. You can simply start a live video chat with your viewers and ask for donations from your viewers for any special purposes. All you need to have a Google Payments Merchants Account and a trusting fan base. 


Tools Needed for Success in YouTube

Explaindio Elements is a video making app which makes animation, explainer, doodle sketch, and motion videos in a very short time. You can create eye-catching, awesome videos for attracting your viewers in only three simple steps

The program doesn’t require any technical skills or video making experience. It allows you to make unlimited videos without any restrictions and is available for PC and Mac. 

Explaindio Elements also has 200 pre-made scene templates, 500 Doodle sketch images, along with 180+ text animations, and 300+ fonts.  

Explaindio Business Edition is the only video app based on WARP video technology great for after effects, that enables you to increase sales of both your own and affiliated products, and helps you to earn more money than before.

 You can simply make videos in three steps: just pick an object or action, edit with your messages and custom effects, and finally export to your computer and share. 



Vidbullet is an automated video creation software that creates more engaging short videos busing availed details.

You can make highly attracting marketing videos by this fastest automated video creation software with creative new formats. You can also make explainer videos and slide shows through this software. It does not need in-depth knowledge of video making and also does not requires any editing. 

You can also create backlinks to your site and increase your google rank through making more engaging with this tool. 




You can make a video sale letter in a super-fast and efficient manner by using this dedicated software.

This revolutionary software is specially designed for more engagement and sells through its Unity AI Paste and Click Sales Video Creator feature. You can make an impactful sales for both products and services. Sales Video Creator software works well in both PC and Mac and can create an unlimited number of videos depending on one’s needs.



Viddyoze is the world’s easiest automated video animation software. You can create eye-catching animations in just 3 clicks. It comes with multiple features such as logo, outros, studio-grade intros, CTAs, stings, social actions, and pure live-action magic. 

These features are in the cloud, so you make an animation from anywhere. It has 170+ professional templates so you can make video animation by yourself and save thousands of dollars. 

Viddyoze is popular because it lets one customize animations as per brand requirements, and doesn’t call for any marketing and design-related experience. 



Doodleoze is an automated doodle video creator software. You can create eye-catching whiteboard, blackboard, green board, and glass board doodle animation videos by using the tools. 

More so, you can combine doodle draw images, doodle animation, and full-motion videos, all three to make the final video content.it does not need any technical skills and you can use this on both PC and Mac. Moreover, you get the commercial rights that allow you to sell videos created by it and earn income without copyright infringement issues. 

All you have to simply select a doodle sketch image and add them on canvas, then add any text or other images if you want, and finally make an awesome doodle video.


How to earn money Fiverr

For freelancers, especially on Fiverr, the video creation apps discussed in the previous section relies heavily. Fiverr is one of the largest freelancing marketplaces. 

In Fiverr, random video makers charge around $100 to $1000 for making any video. So, you can make videos by using these automated videos making software and earn hundreds to thousand dollars from your services. All you need is to create a selling account, then create an awesome Gigs on Fiverr.

Once you get hired by any buyers, you can take the gig needs and then make videos using these awesome videos making software shown in the previous subtopic. By doing that, you’ll earn money and save plenty of time on the process. 

Becoming a successful content creator depends on how much you cope up with the rapid changes of the internet. You must implement the easiest technological tools to make your content richer, and more attractive, in an affordable and easy way.


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