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You probably use YouTube a couple of hours every day. That is understandable, after all, it is a large online community where you can share your content or watch other content.

But have you ever encountered a video with purely stock images or animations earning traction? 

This is a very popular style embraced by large companies like CNN. 

Think about the background vocals and how it sounded. Now, do you realize just how powerful a voice was?

Well, you can record such voiceovers too. After reading this guide, you’ll realize how simple things can get provided you have the right tool.

What is a Newscaster vocalizer

For YouTubers, creating numerous and new exciting content every day is hard. It takes time and dedication and even after doing all that you can, that does not guarantee you a lot of views. 

The amount of effort you put may not translate to the .expected results Now, Newscaster Vocalizer can help you face this dilemma. The tool provides the power of neural technology to voice over your content! 

Say goodbye to endless retakes because Newscaster Vocalizer offers you their revolutionary services. The offers the naturalness and expressiveness of speech to make sure your voice over will sound exactly like a human voice. 

You can worry about the content and let Newscaster Vocalizer worry about your voice. 

This software is perfect for YouTubers enabling them to save time, effort and provides the option not to use their voice because not all Youtubers feel comfortable using their voice. But more cheaply and conveniently.  

Say, for example, you need a simple pan and zoom video but you need someone to voiceover your video, hiring someone could be costly and note that, if you want to promote your video worldwide, you would need someone who can voiceover the video in multiple languages, it’s time-consuming and expensive. This tool easily assists you with that

Swift use, everywhere

The Newscaster Vocalizer is new and first of its kind. The software allows you to generate natural human voices and they provide different options to choose from.

 Say, you want a voiceover for documentaries; you can choose a specific voice and expression for that! This software provides you with an Alexa kind of quality voices, it provides that much realism that makes it harder for viewers to distinguish human voice compared to the Newscaster Vocalizer alternative. You can simply type your script and let the software transform it into a professional sounding voice over.

 Viewers won’t have to read documents anymore because the software can easily transform the words into speech. You can easily download the voice directly to your computer or you can save it in your Amazon s3, Dropbox, or Google account and drag it to your video editing apps. From where you may upload it to your youtube channel.  

Step-by-step guide

The software provides step by step tutorial to ensure even novices can use the software. On top of that, it is extremely straightforward and simple to understand and use. English (US), Chinese Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English (Australian), English (British), English (Indian), English (Welsh), French, German are some of the languages and dialects supported by the Newscaster Vocalizer software.

Step 1:

Select a language and voice you want to use for your video.

Step 2:

Paste your text!

Step 3:

Click the create button.

You also get 30 days free trial to give the software a try and decide whether the app is for you or not, they offer their ‘Official 30-Day Money Back Guarantee’ feature and if you didn’t like the software, they will happily give you all your money back!

Why the software is right for you

The software works, as a means to provide realistic text to speech features, and the best part is you can use them in your business or your freelancing like Fiver and Freelancer. 

The software offers you new releases of male and female voices all over the world. It is also cloud-based meaning you don’t have to download over and over again the same voice, as stated in the steps, all you have to do is select your preferred language and voice then paste your text and lastly click create and you’re done!

 You can export your voice-overs to be used in any video-editing app or if you want, you can sell them directly and keep 100% of the profit with the commercial license included. Yes, it’s that easy.

Newscaster Vocalizer offers you a large variety of styles to incorporate into the general theme of your video’s content, which is very critical and important to get your point and message across. Naturalism and realism are very important because if the human ear perceives the voice as somewhat ‘robotic’, you won’t be able to reach the viewer’s comfort zone. After all, they are too aware that they are not talking to an actual human.

The Newscaster Vocalizer software now allows you to be no longer behind the social media giants and YouTube stars you look up to. You too can create a lot of video content using the software’s voiceover with worldwide languages and dialects available to promote your video and reach more people than before. Indeed, it offers a great advantage when approached Newscaster Vocalizer alternatives.

Reaching more people would result in more views! The software allows you to connect and communicate with people around the world! You can maximize your views and traffic without paying a lot of money to expensive spokesperson or voiceovers. The software can help you work more efficiently as you save your time doing voiceovers for your videos over and over again and instead of doing that, you can use your precious time to increase your productivity like to create more content.


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